Oric AtmoStrat GX

Have you dreamed about Telestrat?

I think there is not real Oric fan that have not dreamed about the last Oric computer - Oric Telestrat. It's rare and beautiful, there is Basic compiler instead interpreter, you could use cartridges to change the computer mode - Telestrat, Oric 1, Oric Atmos, TeleAss and so on.. I have dreamed for it for years. I have followed ebay to check if I'll be lucky to buy. I have asked Fabrice Frances to support me to find one, but he have told me - "Everyone I know wants to buy,but noone want to sell. If you cannot find I will present mine". And because the chance were too small I've start dreaming to make my own Telestrat compatible computer. I was dreaming and dreaming. But it's not enough dreaming. Must be too crazy to start projecting! I have jealousing to Apple II world because it's possibiity to have two videopages and I was dreaming Oric to have too. I wanted to remove UHV modulator and have real video out. To make it by my own was absolutely crazy idea. And because My Lord love me, now I can show you

Oric of a new Milenium - AtmoStrat GX.

Welcome of new era of Oric life. This is the new Oric computer of 21 century. It's new motherboard will replace your old Oric Atmos motherboard and you will have the same old Oric with a lot of new features. It's not only Atmos compatible. It's Pravetz 8D compatible too and thanks to the idea of Fabrice Frances it's HyperBasic and TeleAss (Telestrat) compatible. That's not all. It's not just a mix between Atmos and Telestrat. It's much more. You can see it's motherboard:



  Atmos Telestrat AtmoStrat
Rom 16K - 96K
Ram 64K 64K 256K
Microprocessor 8 bit 6502 8 bit 6502 16 bit 65816
Video pages 1 Text, 1 Hires 1 Text, 1 Hires 2 Text, 2 Hires
Serial - YES -
Midi - YES -
Joystick external 2 external
Fdd controller external internal external
Drive 3" Drive 3" Drive

USB Drive

Modes Oric Atmos Depends of cartridge

Oric Atmos

Pravetz 8D

Telestrat HyperBasic

Telestrat TeleAss


In addition there is Power connector for power switch, so you don't need to plug/unplug the power. There is Vertical syncro mod connector too, so you could easy enjoy the last demos and games.


Thanks to all of my unvaluable friends that have helped me this my dream to come true. Fabrice Frances supported me over many years to every Oric question. Some of the ideas in Atmostrat are his ideas. The Hungry has helped me to many of my (silly) 8-bit projects. Iss supporting me with ideas and software development. Boby Zahariev that fired up my love to Pravetz 8D. Valery has given me a LOT of vintage stuff and share my dreams to Pravetz 8D and Oric. And not to the last place - my wife - the beautiful Anita because of her love and patience to my hobby. These friends make me happy!

I hope this is not the End, but just a Start of new Oric stuff in the future. Somewere in time will be Oric Cosmos I hope . but this is another dream!