About Oric Club community.

Welcome to Oric Club.

This is community of Oric fans that still love their old and lovely Oric computers. It's a place to share and exchange ideas and help about new Oric reated projects. If you have some ideas about Oric hardware or software but don't have expierence we will be happy to make your idea alive. Feel free to register and start discussing. But this is not just a place for sweet talking. Our ideas will move to the real live with coding or soldering, so we need enthusiasts to do that. If you have wroten some programs and want to show - it's a right place. If you need help to move up your project we will be glad to help. Maybe slow, maybe fast, but our projects must be finished. So if you are ready to start this adventure I will say you welcome again. Remove the dust from your old and beautiful computer and lets start. We are waiting your registration request.