Oric AtmoStrat GX

Oric Disc II Interface


Cumana controller

Oric Lisp 1

In 1986 I wrote OricLisp on my Oric-1 computer, maybe the sole Lisp for 6502 ever written...

Here it is with its manual, both in french and in english...

Oric Lisp II

30 years after my OricLisp 1 have passed... (oh my), and this Atmostrat with its 65816 processor makes me feel young: I want to write a 65816 version of OricLisp ! Oh, and this time with a compiler too, giving birth to what could be the most powerful native language on an Oric, and giving a new feel for native development on the Oric !  :-)

Oric Delux Drive

Oric Delux Drive

Oric MultiMedia

Oric MicroDrive

Oric SDisc II Controller

Oric Super IO Board

Oric Super IO Board


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